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HKS-Cs 6m Profi 2 mm

HKS-Cs 6m Profi 2 mm

Price: 60.000 00 €

HKS-Cs 6m Profi 2 mm

NEW PRODUCT! Hydraulic bending machine - maximum sheet metal thickness (when bending) is 2,00 mm (steel) and 3,00 mm (Al).

Year: NOVO


HKS-Cs 6m Profi 2mm; Hydraulic bending machine with 9 console arms, suitable for bending slightly thicker sheets:

  • maximum thickness of steel suitable for bending is 2.00 mm 
  • maximum thickness of aluminum suitable for bending is 3.00 mm 

Hydraulic machine HKS-Cs  6m Profi 2 mm  with automatic scissors, 9 console arms, frequency regulator, movable mass, and the option of manual or automatic operation mode.

  HKS-Cs 6m Profi 2mm
Working length 6.100 mm
Bending angle  145°

Sheet metal thickness

 Al 3,0 mm,

Steel (400 N/mm^2) 2,0 mm

Working width  1.150 mm
Length of machine  7.000 mm
Weight  4.800 kg
Number of arms  9

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