HKS-E Easy

HKS-E Easy

HKS-E Easy

Hydraulic machine HKS-E Easy with automatic scissors, frequency regulator, and the option of manual or automatic operation mode – easier operation.


Hydraulic bending machines HKS-E Easy are equipped with automatic scissors and a 5-inch touch-screen. E software enables simple manual controlling and automatic bending with easy programming. With a memory of up to 90 programmes, the machine satisfies the needs of tinsmiths.

Working width of HKS -E Easy machine is 1.050 mm, and maximum sheet metal thickness (when bending) is 1,0 mm (steel) and 1,2 mm (Al).

The machines are driven by electric motors through a hydraulic pump, which enables better bending dynamics by means of frequency  regulation.

The working lenght of machines are:

  • HKS-E Easy 8,2 m
  • HKS-E Easy Profi 7 m
  • HKS-E EasyProfi 6,1 m
  • HKS-E Easy Profi 5 m
  • HKS-E EasyProfi 4 m

HKS-E Easy 8m

HKS-E Easy 7m

HKS-E Easy 6m

HKS-E Easy 5m

HKS-E Easy 4m

Working length
8.200 mm 7.000 mm 6.100 mm  5.000 mm  4.000 mm
Bending angle
145° 145° 145°  145°  145°
Sheet metal thickness

Al 1,2 mm,

Steel (400 N/mm^2) 1,0 mm

Al 1,2 mm,

Steel (400 N/mm^2) 1,0 mm

Al 1,2 mm,

Steel (400 N/mm^2) 1,0 mm

Al 1,2 mm,

Steel (400 N/mm^2) 1,0 mm

 Al 1,2 mm,

Steel (400 N/mm^2) 1,0 mm

Working width
1.050 mm 1.050 mm 1.050 mm  1.050 mm  1.050 mm
Length of machine
9.100 mm 7.900 mm 7.000 mm  5.900 mm  4.900 mm
3.300 kg 2.900 kg 2.500 kg  2.150 kg  2.000 kg
Number of arms
7 6 5  4  4
4 kW 3 kW 2,2 kW 2,2 kW

2,2 kW

380 V 380 V 380 V 380 V

380 V

E Computer

A computer with a selection of manual or automatic operation mode, with very easy programming and a touch-screen. In the automatic mode, up to 90 different programmes can be saved.


Console arms

All the HKS-E Easy machines are equipped with console arms, enabling an operating depth of 1,050 mm.



Scissors driven by a hydraulic motor through a steel wire.


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